Draft a checklist before leaving

For your convenience Lungile Safaris have drafted a checklist for the items you will need on your safari


  1. Passport
    Check that all relevant documentation are in order like Visas, firearms (SAP520), and letter of invitation. Health Insurance
    Make sure you are covered abroad.3. Clothing
    Refer to General Info page4.Sunscreen
    SPF30 would be recommended for daily use.

    5. Binoculars



    8.Range finder

    9.Rifle + Documentation
    Remember to download the SAP520 and have it filled in and ready (do not sign before arrival.)


Ammo can be bought in South Africa if needed.40 Rounds of Ammo.
 11. Adaptor plug
For all your electric equipment. We use 220V and 3 round point wall plug.

12. Hard Lockable Rifle Case
For flight travel. Soft case will be provided during the Hunt.